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Hiring or outsourcing - what is the best marketing structure for you?
Marketing Organization

Hiring, outsourcing, or mixing it up – what will be your approach?

When an organization is looking to strengthen its marketing – to grow, introduce a new product or open up new markets – the question of hiring versus outsourcing often comes up. There are three directions you can take: you can ...
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Let's go digital
Digital Events

7 Factors to keep in mind when organizing digital events

The last years have seen a rapid change in the global business environment, especially where it comes to travel and events. Many organizations have used innovative ways to bring people together. Instead of physical events, they looked more and more ...
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11 Steps to organizing a successful webinar
Digital Events

11 Steps to take for organizing a successful webinar

Webinars are a key instrument in the toolkit of a marketer. The reason is simple: when organized well, they are engaging, work across all phases in the buying cycle and allow you to reach hundreds or even thousands of people ...
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Using behavioral information to strengthen marketing results
Marketing Operations

How to use behavioral segmentation to improve your results

As marketers,  we often use a variety of data in order to segment our prospects and customers for our marketing programs. Geographic and demographic data, product information and customer type data is used most often. These are important but you ...
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