Bridging Marketing Strategy and Execution

Any marketing leader who has focused on complex services or products will have had the same challenge: how to craft an innovative marketing strategy and also make sure you execute that strategy effectively to exceed customer expectations.

While getting the value of complex solutions across is often already challenging, in B2B sectors you also face longer buying journeys and the involvement of multiple people in the process – with many of the interactions taking place in the Dark Funnel!

As Paul Leinwand and Joachim Rotering write, you need to be able create big promises to customers and help your organizations deliver on those promises. This blend of big ideas and operational prowess is key to carving a standout brand in a crowded market.

The Challenges Facing B2B Marketing Leaders

Developing a good understanding of your audience, making your brand stand out, and driving engagement are key hurdles in B2B marketing. These challenges call for a smart approach, blending strategic insight with pragmatic execution to drive success.

  • Knowing Your Audience: In B2B marketing, understanding customer needs goes beyond meeting today’s demands — it’s about anticipating future challenges and expectations. This calls for deep client engagement and ongoing market research to spot emerging trends.
  • Creating a Distinctive Brand: For B2B brands offering complex solutions with long sales cycles, standing out is crucial. Those brands are not able to rely on features or physical product assets. Success hinges on memorable branding that resonates with the audience – you want to be remembered and put on that very important first consideration list of brands when they are finally in-market.
  • Driving Engagement: A key challenge for marketing leaders is that much of the buyer’s research now occurs in the Dark Funnel, where activities are hidden from traditional tracking methods. To drive engagement, you need a brand and content strategy that your audience can rally around. A strategy that resonates at a deeper level, making your brand the topic of conversation — even in the places that you can’t track.

A Framework for B2B Marketing Success

Leaders who are strong in both strategy and execution start by building a bold but executable strategy. Next, they ensure that the company is investing behind the change. And last, they make sure the entire organization is motivated to go the journey.
  1. Building Your Strategy
    The initial step towards sustainable market success is devising a strategy that highlights your organization’s strengths and unique capabilities. Rather than coming up with vague plans and asking the business teams to execute them, ask yourself what you are great at and what you can achieve.
    • How do you add value to your customers in a way that others do not? What makes you able to do so?
    • Do you develop your strategy without considering how you execute them, or do you take into account the capabilities needed to execute your strategy?
    • Are you looking at potential industry disruptions, and how your strategy can keep you ahead from the competition?
  2. Translating Strategy Into Day-To-Day Activities
    Your well-defined strategy must be translated into actionable steps that are understood and embraced across all levels and departments of your organization. This requires active change management to set aligned objectives, build necessary skills, and ensure that budgets and personal goals support your strategic vision.
    • Are you following through on the strategy that you set out? Have you developed clear objectives that match your strategic vision? Did you communicate your Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) so that everyone in the organization understands what should be done?
    • Are you actively building the skills and processes or implementing new technologies needed to successfully execute the strategy?
    • How are you aligning your budget allocation with your strategy? How are you ensuring that each of your team members grasps their role in this strategy? Are you able to translate the strategy into personal goals and bonus plans for managers and employees??
  3. Executing Your Strategy
    The real test of any strategy lies in its execution. Successful execution requires motivated teams, transparent communication, and a culture fostering collaborative success.
    • Are you keeping your team motivated to understand that what they are doing connects with the key strategic focus areas?
    • Are you setting your team’s sights high enough for what they need to accomplish, and by when? Are you constantly looking at ways to improve your capabilities?
    • What mechanisms do you have in place to track progress and adjust your tactics when needed?
    • How are you maintaining alignment across departments to tackle any cross-functional challenges?
    • Is your leadership team engaged in how you are executing the strategy beyond reviewing the results? Are you being supported in improving your capabilities to execute your strategy?

Closing Thoughts

Mastering both strategy development and execution in B2B marketing goes beyond having a solid plan — it’s about creating an agile environment where strategic thinking connects seamlessly with practical implementation, driving your business forward.

At Restless Marketing, we specialize in helping businesses achieve this balance. Connect with us to discuss how we can help you refine your strategy and hone your execution, turning your marketing initiatives into a competitive edge.

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