3 Steps To Improve Your Professional Services Marketing Strategy

Standing Out in a Crowded Market

There is a lot of noise about promoting technology solutions and physical products in B2B. But how about professional services? How do you market professional services, especially when budgets are tight? What do you need to consider when you are looking to build a successful marketing strategy?

Navigating the complex world of marketing professional services requires a deep understanding of what truly drives brand growth. Let’s jump in with some key insights from Byron Sharp’s book “How Brands Grow.”

Understanding the Terrain

Imagine walking into a vast, crowded market. Voices clamor for attention, each stall bursting with colors, each vendor promising wonders. This is the professional services market today — vibrant, somewhat overwhelming, and fiercely competitive.
Marketers often face a difficult task: carving out a distinct space while convincing clients that their services are not just a nice-to-have but critical necessities, especially when budgets tighten and the inclination is to prioritize immediate needs over longer-term strategic investments.

Distinctiveness in a Sea of Competition

In such a vibrant landscape, the ability to stand out, to articulate your unique selling proposition becomes not just beneficial but essential. Think of it as crafting your story, one that not only captivates but also resonates with the needs and aspirations of your audience. It’s about highlighting not just what you do, but how you do it differently, better, and how it solves your client’s needs.

It’s not just about standing out for the sake of visibility; it’s about being mentally and physically available to your potential clients when they need you most – when they are making their shortlist of brands to consider in solving a need. Byron Sharp’s concept of maximizing mental availability means ensuring your brand is the first that comes to mind in buying situations.

Step 1 – Strategies to Address Your Challenges

Whether you are trying to optimize your current market position or developing a new go-to-market plan, addressing the challenges involves incorporating the following two strategic approaches:
  1. Ensure Mental and Physical Availability: Your brand must be easy to find and recall. This means maintaining a robust online presence, engaging in SEO, and being active where your clients are – on the relevant social media channels and offline, at relevant events or locations.
  2. Broaden Your Reach: Instead of narrowing down on a hyper-targeted audience, cast a wider net. Sharp’s research suggests that growth comes from reaching all potential buyers, not just a niche segment. By crafting messages that resonate broadly, you ensure your brand appeals to a larger audience, increasing your chances of being noticed and remembered when your audience is making a shortlist of potential vendors when they are finally in-market for a service that you provide.

Step 2 – Building Recognition: Distinctiveness and Consistent Memory Structures

The next stage involves creating a foundation of distinctive brand assets and leveraging a broad messaging strategy. They will help your brand become a familiar face in a crowded marketplace.
  1. Develop distinctive brand assets: These are the unique colors, logos, and slogans that make your brand instantly recognizable. Consistently use these across all marketing materials to build a strong, coherent identity that potential clients will remember.
  2. Create consistent memory structures: Consistency in messaging and visuals helps build memory structures in your clients’ minds. This means when they’re faced with a decision, your brand is at the forefront. It’s about reinforcing who you are and the value you provide at every opportunity.

Step 3 – Accelerating Growth: Marketing Strategy in Action

With the distinctive brand assets and messaging strategy in place, you can incorporate a combination of proven marketing tactics and channels in your go-to-market planning that will help you extend your reach and accelerate your growth. These tactics and channels will also deepen your brand’s connection with your audience, turning rather abstract strategies into tangible results.
  1. A scalable content marketing engine: At the heart of any impactful marketing strategy lies a robust content marketing engine. This engine fuels the dissemination of relevant and consistent content that is on-message and helps to enhance mental availability. A scalable content engine, leveraging innovative technologies such as AI, will support you achieving that broad reach you are aiming for.
  2. Use of social media to drive awareness and brand recognition: Social media platforms are invaluable tools for increasing both the mental and physical availability of your brand. By actively engaging with your current and potential clients on platforms like LinkedIn, you can amplify your brand’s reach, showcase its distinctiveness, and build a community around your services.
  3. A website as the central place to get your message across: Your website serves as the digital cornerstone of your brand. It’s where the essence of your brand—its message, values, and distinctive assets—comes to life and is a powerful tool for attracting new business.
  4. Use of live and virtual events to bring the brand experience to life: Both live and virtual events are amongst the most effective B2B marketing. They are powerful opportunities for demonstrating what your brand stands for and how it is different from the competition. They can position your brand as a leader in the field and reinforce memory structures through engaging, interactive experiences.

Crafting the Future: Embracing Innovation

To stay ahead, professional service marketers have to embrace innovation. For a brand to grow, it is critical that they continuously adapt to changing consumer needs, technology changes, and market conditions.
  • Staying ahead with innovation: In a world where technology innovations are taking place fast and furious, staying relevant means continuously testing and implementing new technologies such as AI-driven personalization and smart data analytics to achieve that increased reach and to get your message across.
  • Focusing on scalability: As you aim to widen your reach, the use of scalable marketing technologies and processes will allow you to grow your brand without losing focus. This includes digital and omnichannel marketing, content marketing, and social media engagement. By building a scalable marketing engine, you ensure that your brand remains consistent and memorable across all touchpoints.

Looking Forward: A New Era of Growth For Professional Services

Marketing professional services in today’s dynamic environment calls for an optimized mix of proven strategies and innovative practices. By understanding the importance of mental and physical availability, creating distinctive brand assets, and continuous innovation, your brand can achieve significant growth and stand out in the competitive landscape.

Ready to upgrade your marketing approach? Connect with us and let’s explore how to apply these strategies to your brand and go-to-market strategy, ensuring your professional services not only meet the market’s demands but set new benchmarks for success.

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